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Ranking Engine: Why use it?
Ranking Engine: How to Create an Account, How to Join a Team
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Price Engines
Price Engine: Why use it?
Price Engine: Options
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Windows PC Platform
What versions of Sandra support Windows XP, Server 2003/R2?
What versions of Windows are supported by Sandra?
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iOS (iPhone/iPad) Platform
Where can I download Sandra for iOS (iPhone / iPad / Touch)?
Android Platform
Where can I download Sandra for Android?
What versions of Android are supported by Sandra?
Windows Phone/Mobile Platform
Where can I download Sandra for Windows Mobile (CE) ?
Windows CE Support
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Downloading & Installation (General)
Cannot install after being detected as WS.Reputation.1! Is it a virus?
I have lost / do not have my keycode
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OSX Mac Platform
Where can I download Sandra for OSX (Mac)?
Where can I download Sandra for BlackBerry ?
What versions of BB are supported?

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Is there an FAQ or further documentation? Article rated 3.2/5.0
The help resources consist of: Help file (included with the product) FAQ @ SiSoftware Knowledgebase @ Support site you are reading now. If neither answer your query, please open a ti...

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