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What is the default user name and password the Ranker selects?

Solution When you first run a benchmark and the Ranker is not configured, the Ranker configuration dialog is presented with default settings and credentials.

Note: These are for convenience ONLY. If you cancel the dialog, the ranker *is not* enabled.

- User Name: Your user name on the computer.

- Password: The name of your computer (hostname)*. Not the model of your computer (e.g. Asus P8GMX).

- Team Name: The computer manufacturer's name (e.g. Asus) or your country (e.g. USA)

* Why is this selected as default password?
The name of the computer (hostname) is never transmitted to the Ranker or is shown anywhere; it is unlikely people outside your circle of friends would know it.

* Why have a password at all?
It stops other people messing with your account.

* Why not default to no account at all, i.e. anonymous?
The Ranker would not be able to identify your previous results and assign them to you.
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